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Our Mission


The Mission of KLA is to develop informed and innovative leaders who will serve our community by skillfully leading it into the future.  At KLA we promise to ..

“The future is born in the dreams of leaders.” 


Since 1982, the Kosciusko Leadership Academy has invested in the emerging leaders of our community; people who possess a passion to serve and the courage to lead others. 


KLA conducts sessions each year that give students access to the frontline leaders in our community. Critical community issues such as County and State Government, Health Care, Education, Agriculture, Business and Entrepreneurship are thoroughly discussed and examined.


The KLA experience culminates with a White Paper Project. Students form teams and research relevant community issues and needs. Class members propose workable solutions in a forum of peers and community leaders.


KLA's vision is to develop innovative leaders equipped to tackle the future challenges of our community.  Some 30 years and over 500 graduates after we started, that vision burns brighter than ever.


Whether you are a past, present, or future class member, or simply interested; we invite you to learn more about KLA.

KLA Moderator, Allyn Decker, welcoming the 2019-2020 KLA cadets.

  • Educate you through practical sessions with recognized leaders examining the issues that face our community.
  • Enrich you by building a network of peer and community leaders.
  • Inspire you to see possibilities of our thriving community.
  • Challenge you to take action, get involved and make a difference in our community.

Kosciusko Leadership Academy

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