Classes meet every two weeks starting in the Fall and ending in the Spring. 


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Interested in applying?


The KLA Selection Committee seeks a cross-section of the community; men and women from careers, education, political, social, cultural, and community backgrounds.

Each member:

  • will have demonstrated the ability to achieve personal as well as professional goals.
  • will have available time and resources to commit to KLA classes and community service.
  • will have demonstrated personal commitment to the Kosciusko County Area.

Applicants may be sponsored by their employer, by another organization, or by themselves.  KLA members are required to attend all of the classes.  Classes are held every other week at various locations throughout the county.  KLA members will complete a "White Paper" or project outside of scheduled class time.


Tuition for the program is determined each year. Current tuition is $500. Employers or individuals may pay for tuition. One scholarship per year is also available.  This scholarship may be awarded to one individual, or it may be divided between two individuals.


All Applications are due by July 15th for the class starting that fall. 


You can apply now online or you can download the application to fill out later. If you download the application please email to Jason Zaugg once completed. 


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